Tapper shows how the Trump team's contact with Russia evolved
CNN's Jake Tapper walks through the evolution of the Trump team's claims regarding interactions with the Russians from November 2016 until now. #CNN #News
Trump sues to block release of finances
President Donald Trump is going to court to try to stop House Democrats from obtaining his financial records. #CNN #News
Kim Kardashian: People behind bars don't care who president is
Kim Kardashian shares details about her relationship with President Trump and why she decided to meet him to discuss criminal justice reform. #CNN #News
Armed militia group detains migrants at the border
United Constitutional Patriots, a militia group near the US-Mexico order, detained hundreds of people this week, according to New Mexico's attorney general. CNN's Nick Valencia has more. #CNN #News
Preet Bharara: Potential prosecution once Trump leaves office
Former US attorney Preet Bharara says that President Donald Trump could be prosecuted when he is out of office and that the Mueller report made it clear they believe there is “future legal jeopardy.” #CNN #News
Should press secretary Sarah Sanders resign?
A section of the Mueller report says that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders lied when she said people inside the FBI did not like then-FBI director James Comey and that was part of the justification for firing Comey. #CNN #News
Video shows double standards of Fox News coverage of Obama
CNN's Brian Stelter takes a look at a viral video from NowThis showing Fox News hosts bashing former President Obama for the same things President Trump does. #CNN #News
Fareed: This may be most damaging consequence of populism
CNN's Fareed Zakaria says that around the world, elected leaders are attacking the independence of central banks and that this power struggle might end up being the most damaging consequence of this era of populism. #CNN #News
John King previews Joe Biden's 2020 entry
CNN’s John King examines former Vice President Joe Biden’s entry into the 2020 presidential election. #CNN #News
Rudy Giuliani: Nothing wrong with taking info from Russians
President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani talks to CNN's Jake Tapper about the findings of the redacted Mueller report. #CNN #News
Sri Lanka blasts: More than 200 dead in bombings across country
At least 207 people were killed and hundreds more wounded in a series of bomb blasts that hit luxury hotels and churches across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, leaving the entire country in a state of lock-down. #CNN #News
SE Cupp: This is the good news from the Mueller report
CNN's SE Cupp wonders what comes next now that special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report has been released to the public. #CNN #News
Smerconish to GOP lawmaker: Was this investigation not worth it?
CNN’s Michael Smerconish discusses the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report with Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-R) and Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-D). #CNN #News
Michael Smerconish: Never a chance Mueller would find President broke the law
CNN’s Michael Smerconish takes a look at special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and says the President was never in any legal trouble during the investigation. #CNN #News
Anderson Cooper slams Trump's 'routine dishonesty'
CNN's Anderson Cooper breaks down the response from the Trump White House following the redacted release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report. #CNN #News
Kellyanne Conway's husband calls for Trump's impeachment
George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, is calling for impeachment following the release of the redacted Mueller report. CNN's Brian Todd reports. #CNN #News
Trump slams parts of Mueller report as 'total bulls**t'
President Donald Trump changes his tone on special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian election interference one day after its release. CNN's White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins reports. #CNN #News
Chris Cuomo asks Giuliani: Will you apologize for Trump?
CNN's Chris Cuomo asks President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani if he will apologize on behalf of Trump for denying Russian interference in the 2016 election. #CNN #News
CNN reporter 'attacked' by lizard on live TV
CNN's Abby Phillip maintained her composure as a lizard climbed on her while she was reporting on live television. #CNN #News
Sarah Sanders denies lying despite previous admission
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told ABC's George Stephanopoulos she did not lie during a 2017 statement about the FBI, despite admitting that the comment was "not founded on anything," according to the Mueller report. #CNN #News
Trump voters react to Mueller report
CNN's Miguel Marquez talks to voters in Milwaukee on the day that special counsel Robert Mueller's report was released to the public. #CNN #News
GOP lawmaker resorts to attacking CNN over Mueller's findings
CNN's Chris Cuomo spars with GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows of the House Freedom Caucus following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.
The Mueller report is out: I'm answering all your questions
A redacted version of the Mueller Report, a nearly two year investigation, is finally out. CNN's Chris Cillizza breaks down what he's found. SOURCES AND FURTHER READING: Here are 11 key lines from the Mueller report
Cuomo and Lemon call Mueller report 'shameful' for Trump
CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon recap a day full of headlines after the public release of special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report, concluding that the report was "shameful" for President Donald Trump. #CNN #News
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